MSI maintains a quality system for the automotive industry through our certification to ISO/TS 16949. We are certified for “engineered electroplating and surface finishing to the automotive industry”. With 12 reel-to-reel, 150 foot long selective plating lines, our proficient, professional staff is capable of completing large orders quickly and cost effectively. MSI, to date, has successfully completed in excess of 200 PPAPs for the automotive industry. MSI provides plating on such product lines as antenna arrays, tire pressure monitoring systems, GM transmission systems, thermal engine compartment cooling systems, and many other systems in today’s automobiles, truck and marine components. 
Our processes include overall plate or combinations of gold, palladium-nickel, semi-bright silver, matte or bright tin, and tin/lead (90/10 & 60/40). We have a proprietary matte tin process called “Inhibit-W”, which is an electro-chemical process that inhibits the crystalline growth (whiskers) and surface oxidation. We provide another process for whisker mitigation by utilizing a reflow unit with the matte tin plating process. Upon request, MSI can process your product to meet the RoHS standards. Our capabilities include processing coil stock up to .030 thick by 2.50” wide, as well as stamped and formed contacts, terminals, lead frame, wire and individual interconnected bandolier mounted components.
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