MSI provides masking services both as a part of the plating process and as an individual service. The use of tapes, mastics, elastomers and masking components provides an accurate guide for the finishing process

Continuous Reel to Reel

MSI's twelve custom designed high speed process lines provide state of the art continuous reel to reel, selective and overall plating of a variety of precious and base metals. MSI's 24x5 continuous process facility also provides a plate and hold service that establishes an inventory of plated and unplated stock for fast release to customers nationwide.



Barrel / Vibra-Barrel

MSI provides individual process barrel plating for precious and base metal plating in a variety of barrel sizes to support small and medium batch sizes. In addition vibra-barrel technology is used to agitate processing and facilitate uniform deposits for precious metal and sulfamate nickel finishes.




Rack Plating

MSI utilizes a variety of rack and component mounting techniques to provide controlled orientation during the plating process.