MSI’s in house, well equipped laboratory and extensive testing equipment assures full compliance with customer specifications and MSI accreditations.

In addition to titrimetric and gravimetric solution analysis, MSI’s wet chemistry laboratory has Perkin Elmer inductively coupled plasma atomic emission and atomic absorption spectrometers for trace metal analysis. The UV-VS spectrometer is used for analysis of brighteners and other organic additives and the spiral contractometer is used to measure stress in electrodeposited metals.

There are two salt spray chambers for customer and periodic corrosion testing. The inspection departments are equipped with x-ray fluorescence machines to determine thickness of metal deposits and the composition of electroplated metal alloys. Mechanical devices that measure dimensions include micrometers, gauges, tri-rolls, optical comparator, etc. An Eddy-current device is also available for coating thickness measurements. There is a steam age chamber for solder testing requiring an eight hour steam age. In addition, MSI is equipped to create micro-sections of plated parts for more exacting optical measurements when required.

MSI has quite a number of ovens to perform to specifications that require bakes, including stress relief, hydrogen embrittlement and inert gas bake.

At MSI, quality will not be compromised.

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