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In order to ensure accurate pricing and processing the following checklist is provided to aid in obtaining the information that is required to quote and process correctly.  These requirements are found in the “Ordering Data” section of most specification.  Please provide as much information as possible. This will assist us in better serving your needs with minimal delay.



  • Company Name and Address
  • Contact Name and Phone
  • Contact Email Address



  • PO Number
  • Date Required
  • Shipping Method – Please Provide Account Number
  • Is this Order ITAR Controlled?
  • Is this a Nadcap Job or is a PPAP required?
  • MSI Quote Number, if an Order
  • Required Flow Down from Prime Contractor.  Are Process Approvals Required?
  • Is Source Inspection Required?
  • Customer Job Number/Work Order or other Required Traceability Information
  • All Applicable Quality Clauses



  • Part Number and Revision
  • Part Description
  • Quantity of Parts
  • Base Material, i.e., 6061, 302 SS, Inconel, etc.
  • Material Hardness, Temper or Heat Treat



  • Plating/Process Specification and Revision (Unless otherwise noted MSI will process to latest Revision)
  • Additional Testing Requirements not Defined in the Specification (RoHS or WEE)
  • Critical Surface(s), Finish or Dimension(s) on Parts
  • Special Handling or Packaging Requirements
  • Are Special Gages Required (Please Provide)
  • Plating Thickness and Point(s) of Measure unless defined on Blueprint.
  • Masking Requirement, if Applicable (Please provide legible blueprint, either hardcopy or electronic)
  • Stress Relief or Hydrogen Embrittlement bake (times/temperatures unless defined by process specification)
  • Oiling after process, if required
  • Additional Inspection Criteria not defined in the Specification, i.e., High Temperature Bake, Quench, Chisel test, etc.
  • Inspection Level, i.e., 100%, AQL, Modified AQL or other.
  • Solderability testing, aging, reflow?



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